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    To the Boundless Readers Family:

    I am so excited to share with each of you that yesterday,  October 2, Boundless Readers was welcomed into the Working In The Schools (WITS) family to become a complementary program within the WITS portfolio!  Together we have the unique opportunity to develop comprehensive literacy support for classrooms through teacher development and volunteer activation. This will be a powerful alignment and really looking forward to working with all the professionals at the combined organization!  Read more




    Boundless Readers was founded in 1988 to commemorate the retirement of Rochelle Lee, a Chicago Public Schools teacher and librarian.  Rochelle was legendary for her ability to inspire teachers and develop children’s love of books.  She raised expectations for what schools, teachers and students could and should accomplish.  She refused to compromise or lower her standards of excellence.  She believed that teachers and students in predominantly low-income, minority schools are as equally capable and deserving as those in any other schools.

    Boundless Readers believes that every child deserves the opportunity to become a successful reader and the best way to reach students is through their teachers.  A single teacher can reach hundreds or even thousands of students and through their own example inspire them to become active, engaged readers.  In addition, teachers can plant the seed for change with their colleagues and transform entire schools.

    Boundless Readers develops
    Leaders- Teachers who achieve new heights as readers, instructors and mentors
    Readers- Children who not only know how to read, but read often and with passion


    In 25 years, Boundless Readers has provided professional development for 8,500 teachers, supplied more than 1 million books to Chicago Public Schools classrooms and helped over 1 million children develop the love of reading! 

    Help us enable even more teachers to enrich the lives of their students.
    Raise Awareness - Tell your friends and coworkers about Boundless Readers
    Volunteer - Serve as a Committee or Board Member.
    Donate – Empower classrooms of students year after year.


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    Boundless Readers is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that depends on the generosity of donors to accomplish its mission.


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